• I got a virtual card number when I ordered, what do I do next?

    Perfect! Just enter that number when signing up for an account on our app or online and you will get all the rewards from that order automatically added to your account. After that, simply log in when ordering online or identify yourself at our locations and all your rewards will be automatically added.

  • If I get FUnatic Rewards emails does that mean I have a FUnatic Rewards account?

    Not necessarily! Please sign up for a loyalty account above, and then you will be able to start earning points and other rewards when you order online or visit a Mama Fu’s location. As a member, you’ll get emails if you like, but the two lists can be separate.

  • When do I get my reward for signing up?

    Your free appetizer will be added to your account as soon as you sign up.

  • What if I used the old loyalty app?

    Make sure to update your app in the App store. The old app will no longer work.

    You will receive an email on 5/1/17. You can click on the link in that email to activate your account on the new FUnatic Rewards program. In doing so your existing rewards will transfer over to your new account.

    If you do not receive the email, or have any issues seeing your old rewards transfer over to your new account, contact us here.

  • How often are my points updated?

    Your reward points are updated within 24 hours of your purchase and you will be sent a confirmation email. To view your rewards or point balance, login to your account above. Your rewards will also be visible through our app.

  • How do I earn FUnatic Rewards points?

    Provide your mobile number at check out to earn points for your purchase. If you order without identifying yourself, your rewards will not be applied…so please do!

  • How do I redeem?

    In store, place your order, and let the cashier know you’re redeeming a reward. Then give them your email or phone number, and they’ll apply your reward.

  • Can I give my Reward to someone else?

    While we can’t transfer a reward to someone’s account, you’re more than welcome to order for a friend.

  • How do I participate in the sweepstakes you have on occasion?

    If you have logged in when ordering online or checked in when visiting us, your sweepstakes entries or other promotional rewards will automatically be added to your account.